Queen Chaniera

Hi, I'm Queen Chaniera

I am a certified and accomplished life coach, business development expert, and a mentor whose aim is to train and equip the youth and young adults with essential life skills and business knowledge to help them succeed in their endeavors. I am also a podcaster, an Amazon Best Selling author of teenage and parental books, and a business owner with a successful and registered venture. My goal is to guide adolescents, young mothers, and business people on how to be the best versions of themselves, learn from their past mistakes, and remove self-doubt to attain their ultimate dreams. I believe that for one to attain anything in life, they must listen to their inner voices, take pride in themselves, and utilize the power within them with confidence to reach the desired end. I combine my experience and training to bring a positive impact on people’s lives, providing them with the tools, coaching, and skills they need to reach their full potential.

My target clients are people suffering from low self-esteem, loss of identity, and the tendency to compare themselves with others. They are single mothers who are on the verge of giving up, moms with not enough social support, business owners seeking ideas and direction on where and how to start, people who lack confidence in themselves or in what they do, and individuals who do not have the ability and intent to create a passion for themselves and turn it into a purpose. I believe in the inspiration I receive from God and passionately use it to encourage others to trust themselves. I am a living proof that it is possible if one puts in the right effort to realize their dreams. I struggled to understand myself when I was growing up, worked hard to learn the value of self-love, raised a child on my own as a single mother, lived paycheck to paycheck, almost lost my job, and struggled with relationships until I discovered the secret of how I could turn my life around. Therefore, I use my experience to help others find a new direction and live a life full of purpose.

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